Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Busy Times

Well I was back over a month ago and here I am again .... still reeling over the effect of being away for 3 weeks .. but I think Im sorted now and have the house in some sort of order ...

Blossom is 5th~6th week after being mated and she is beginning to look rotund, she is getting fussy with her food plus other little things that makes me think perhaps this time we may have Blossy babies ... Im gradually changing her food over from Royal Canin Mini to Royal Canin starter food which she should be on by the 6th week....fingers crossed everything goes well for her..

Jet my Border collie has been wonderful in training but not so much as a clear round this year with him, but as long as he enjoys the training thats all that counts in my book, it seems competition just pickles his head...
Tink my Kelpie is doing really well, but between her having a season and the odd blip here and there we have only managed a few places, well, should I say most of the time handler error we are getting good places but my steering does lose her time...Im trying folks to get better, its an art form this agility lark isnt it....and if I had legs like my husband I may well be doing better...although I do enjoy it and that is the main thing..

Busy training my Kelpie puppy Belle who is coming on such a treat, Im so pleased with her ... I just hope I can do her justice in the long run, but with my track record who knows :O)))

well, Bromsgrove Saturday and then Im judging at Honiton on Sunday ..

Cant think of much more to say only I'll try and keep up to date now with everything and hopefully I can get my art blog up and running too..

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